Howto change CIFS/SAMBA credentials?


I am using a number of Raspi2/3 boxes with OSMC. Some of them using credentials like, say, “child”/“childpassword” and are not able to delete any movies. Except the child channel recordings. Other boxes using, say, “parents”/“parentsecret” and are able to watch and delete all and everything this way. The difference in the rights is only handled via my central Samba Server’s samba user rights.

Now I moved one box from the childrens room #3 to my office and would like to globally change it’s credentials from “child” to “parents”, without deleting and rearranging all and every source paths.

How can this be done?

Note: I am not using KODI profiles. It’s just handled by the user name / password I assigned initially for accessing the SMB ressource for this box the 1st time.

It depends how you specified the shares. If you added them in /etc/fstab then you can change the credentials either in there directly or in the credentials file it refers to. If you added them through the kodi interface then I believe the credentials should be stored in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/passwords.xml

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thanks, it worked!

I used the 2nd approach but thank you for also mentioning the 1st (fstab) way, so your response can also help others