[HowTo] Do OSMC-related stuff on your iPhone

iOS 12 introduced “Shortcuts”, which is a powerful scripting environment for iOS. You have to install it from the App Store.

I threw together one that lets you do a lot of Kodi- and OSMC- related terminal functions, and just released 1.0 (under another moniker). Get it and read the details on RoutineHub

By the way… since I’m now a proud owner of Vero, it’s pre-configured for OSMC.

What are your most-frequently-used terminal tasks related to Kodi? If they suit this shortcut, please comment and they may get added to the next version.

Version Notes:
1.2 released 10/28/2018: solution for editing larger text files; loading & saving settings
1.1 released 10/26/2018: improves result display



Very nice ! can you tell us what those comands do specifically ? Only start and stop kodi is self explanatory for me

can you tell us what those comands do specifically?

Ping Source: sends a ping to the computer with your media. if you don’t know what ping does, lmgtfy :).

Log: various options for viewing and searching your kodi log

List: shows a pretty output of the file list (ls) for your home folder and kodi userdata folder

View & Edit files: does that for main Kodi userdata files, such as advancedsettings, keymaps, etc.

texturecache: an extremely powerful command line utility for managing artwork, and much else. Here there are a handful of pre-set functions. you need to install texturecache.py as directed. It defaults here to located in ~/Scripts


This is pretty cool. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

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Thanks. Were you going to move this to How To?


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Excellent! Thanks. I made some really good improvements in editing text files in version 1.2, and can load & save settings now.