[HowTo] HDhomerun tuners, discover, general usage and troubleshooting

Commandline via SSH

This guide will cover hdhomerun setup/troubleshooting via SSH, so first install the required tools

apt-get install hdhomerun-config

search for available tuner:
Run this to find and check if your tuner is on the same network.

hdhomerun_config discover

should return something like “hdhomerun device 12XXXXD found at

>“12XXXXD” is yours tuner ID number.<

Change network type
example for DVB-T

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD set /tuner0/channelmap eu-bcast

To find your tuners supported network types, run this command:

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD get /sys/features

should show something like this:
channelmap : eu-bcast eu-cable au-bcast au-cable tw-bcast tw-cable

If you need to finde out witch hardware model you have, like for upgrading with the correct firmware… run this:

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD get /sys/hwmodel

And for checking witch firmware your tuner is running:

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD get /sys/version

Should return like “20150604

To check what settings your tuner is using for DVB-C:

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD get /sys/dvbc_modulation

more information about your tuner, do this command and adapted it.

hdhomerun_config 12XXXXD get help

Nice to know:
*If your pi/vero is on wifi, you can put your hdhomerun tuner directly in the ethernet port, and it will get an ip address and work without any changes to your network —but don’t go disable ethernet then—.

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