[HowTo] Install Emby Server on Rasbperry Pi

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Install Emby Server on Rasbperry Pi?
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There is probably a neater method but on my raspberry Pi I use Open media Vault as my file server. For a number of reasons but basically it makes the Rasp PI a NAS unit, which is great for sharing the media on various computers / TVs

You can use Emby server via the docker on OMV. Several YouTube instructions about using OMV / Docker / Emby server. To be honest I don’t use this route though. I’ve tried it and for what ever unknown reason I couldn’t get it to work.

So after setting up OMV as a NAS. I then logon into the Raspberry PI via the command line with SSH and use the following commands

Download server software
wget https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases/download/

Install software package
dpkg -i emby-server-deb_4.0.1.0_armhf.deb

Remove previous download package
rm emby-server-deb_4.0.1.0_armhf.deb

Then it’s all up and running login to Emby server as normal.
Hope this is of some help

Hi, I installed osmc and then emby through repository. When start emby plugin video it requires to set server IP and port 8096. If I set IP of my raspberry non accept it. Why?

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Hi, I’m not 100% sure what you have done, but I didn’t know that the Emby Server package was located in the Emby for Kodi - Stable Repo.

I believe the Emby for Kodi, is the client addon. So when you are operating the emby client addon, it is asking for the location of the Emby server IP. But in this case you don’t have an Emby server.

The emby server is a background software package with no direct link to kodi, you use the Emby for Kodi addon to pull the data over from the Emby server.

On the Vero4K unit I have in the past loaded the Emby Server package. Similar instructions to above -

  • Go to Vero command line - check the wiki on OSMC page for how to do this.
  • from the command line, down load the emby server package.
  • then you can use the Emby for Kodi addon.

My only caveat was the stability of running the Emby Server, OSMC, and Emby Client even on the higher power Vero unit. It used to crash once per week.

But I’ve now split Emby server onto a separate Raspberry Pi, as discussed above, and use Vero as media client using Emby client addon. Been rock solid stable, no issues.

Hope this helps

I have installed the repository from .zip and then activeted the plugin video. But when I open It, is required to set server ip as 192.168.1.xxx port 8096, after I set these value It doesn’t work. Other options, I tried set my Emby account and I see my account on emby plugin, but I want to set server and then start the synchronisation of video files to emby account.

At the moment I use OSMC and I have installed Emby into osmc through repository.

I believe after what you have written, that you have just installed the Emby client addon, developed by AngelBlue05.
In the emby stable repository, the video section, then Emby, this is a client addon. When you start the client addon, it will start looking for the Emby server. You need both software packages.

  1. Emby server operating independently curating your media, TV shows
  2. Emby kodi client addon, which I believe you have already downloaded.

For simplicity I would recommend adding the Emby server software onto the hardware, where you store your media.

The Emby installation Wiki is a good source of information, which will explain things much better than I can.

Dear, thank you for your answer.
When I open EmbyCon (plugin installed into Osmc through repository “http://kodi.emby.media”) I see a message “No Emby servers detected on your local network. Do you want to manually enter a server url?”
I click “Yes” option. Then is necessary to set url: http://:8096
At this point I set my Address (of my raspberry):
Now, I see the following error: "The server url you entered is not valid, do you want to try again? "

Have you any idea?

Thanks a lot.

Like @sandboy01 wrote, you need to connect to a valid emby SERVER, and you just installed CLIENT.

If you need help setting up your Emby server then the Emby community is very active. But the method I outlined for the server previously works well.

@sandboy01 thanks a lot for your information. I think to test Emby on OMV now.

Good luck. Best to focus on setting up OMV first, mount your media, then set permissions for Emby to access the media as a user.

After that downloading Emby and setting up Emby server is start forward