HOWTO install osmc with ubuntu

Hi I couldn’t find simple instructions on how to install osmc with linux. Here is an easy explanation on how to install with ubuntu. If possible this should be added to a) FAQ for all OS and b) the wiki

As soon as you start it though, it works like a charm!

Thank you!

think we got it covered

Thank you for your quick reply. Is there a link on to your link mentioned above? Couldn’t find it with google yet. It might just be me, but I’d always look for installation procedures on the projects website. Great service, great software, just an idea.
Keep it up! All the best, Cheers

NP we always value suggestions so keep em coming :smile:

Download - OSMC and then click on Linux :wink:

Maybe something has changed in the last five years, but the word linux is not on that page. Linux install instructions would be great…

Use dd to write your desired image to the desired media.

It turns out there is a Raspberry Pi app in the Snap so I just used that.