[HowTo] Mount Vero file system with SSHFS

So, for many reasons, you might need to gain access the Vero’s file system from a computer. Here is how.

For starters you’ll need to make a mount point, and then ssh into your vero.
(make sure ssh is enabled in settings on the vero)

mkdir ~/mnt
mkdir ~/mnt/vero4k

Then you’ll need to SSH into your Vero

ssh osmc@[ip address]

(enter password default=osmc)

Update and then install SSHFS

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sshfs

Mount Vero’s filesystem (Here it will be the userdata folder) at created mount point.

sshfs osmc@[ip address]:home/osmc/.kodi/userdata /home/[username]/mnt/vero4k

Now you should have the vero’s filesystem mounted, and should be able to edit and create custom nodes and playlist (.xml) from your computer. Also, you’ll be able to do tasks involved with advanced customization of certain add-ons.