[HOWTO] Remote for OSMC (Toshiba G83C0004D110)

Hi I had a second Remote the Thoshiba G83C0004D110, there are several lirc.conf for the Remote but none fit complete. So I fit the rest in.

I left the original header.

Only the Power-Key on the Top-right is linked as KEY_HOME not KEY_POWER (safety issues) I like to share this with you.

So I can’t attach the conf as file so there is the content, a picture for the Remote to put it in the OSMC is below.

 # this config file was automatically generated
 # using lirc-0.8.7-CVS(default) on Sat Apr 3 11:49:40 2010
 # based on file contributed by Sami Racho
 # brand: Toshiba
 # model no. of remote control: G83C0008A110
 # devices being controlled by this remote: Toshiba Qosmio F10, F15, G10, G15 Series models

 begin remote

   name            Toshiba
   bits                 16
   flags  RC6|CONST_LENGTH
   eps                  30
   aeps                100

   header       2667   889
   one           444   444
   zero          444   444
   pre_data_bits        21
   pre_data        0x37FF0
   gap              105000
   toggle_bit           22
   rc6_mask    0x100000000
       begin codes
         KEY_HOME          0x00007bf3   # Power
         #KEY_RECORD        0x00007be8   # Record
         KEY_STOP          0x00007be6   # Stop
         KEY_PLAY          0x00007be9   # Play
         KEY_PAUSE         0x00007be7   # Pause
         KEY_REWIND        0x00007bea   # REW
         KEY_REPLAY        0x00007be4   # Replay
         KEY_FASTFORWARD   0x00007beb   # FWD
         KEY_SKIP          0x00007be5   # SKIP
         KEY_BACK          0x00007bdc   # Back
         KEY_RIGHT         0x00007bde
         KEY_LEFT          0x00007bdf
         KEY_DOWN          0x00007be0
         KEY_UP            0x00007be1
         KEY_OK            0x00007bdd   # OK
         KEY_INFO          0x00007bf0   # More / Info
         KEY_VOLUMEUP      0x00007bef   # VOL +
         KEY_VOLUMEDOWN    0x00007bee   # VOL -
         KEY_HOME          0x00007bf2   # Start Windows Key
         KEY_MUTE          0x00007bf1   # Mute
         KEY_CHANUP        0x00007bed   # CH/PG +
         KEY_CHANDOWN      0x00007bec   # CH/PG -
         KEY_LANGUAGE      0x00007bb7   # Recorded TV
         KEY_SUBTITLE      0x00007bd9   # Guide (Subtitle)
         KEY_MENU          0x00007bda   # Live TV
         KEY_TITLE         0x00007bdb   # DVD Menu (Context Menu)
       end codes

 end remote

About the Reciever:

Connect it this way:

and configure the LIRC GPIO pins to this:


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Copy .conf and .png under /home/osmc (with WinSCP for example) with the same name and add the Remote with browse to OSMC and after this you will see it with picture on the GUI. And it will stay there after updates.

So as files on github