[HowTo] Spotify-Connect support via Raspotify (LibreSpot)


Wonderfull !!! Work out of the box following this instructions. RPI 3b with latest OSMC. Thank you !!! :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me whatever it’s possible to use alsaequalizer with raspotify ?
I tired to set it up using Alsa equalizer HiFi berry but without any success.
The alsamixer -D equal works and shows equalizer but raspotify is not using it.
Is it possible to plug equalizer for HDMI sound output ?


Hi. I tried using your autosetup fiule with my Vero4k, but i can not get the installation to complete.


Above is what happens when i run the script, configured to only install spotify. Hope anyone can help me as i’m very excited to try this out!


Sorry, I see now that only raspberry pi was supported. But the Vero4k was emntioned in the autosetup so here is hoping for support for spotify with vero4k in the future!


Works great on Rpi2b with OSMC 2017.10-1


Works great on Rpi b+ with OSMC 2017.10-1 and premium user

Is there any way of stopping the song from OSMC (not from the phone or PC)??


Hi all,

it works fine. but i have to restart the pi before. At first start it do not work.
I don’t know where the problem is …

Pi3 / OSMC 2017.10.1



Does this require a Spotify Premium account?


Check the nineteenth post of this thread.


Oh. Thanks anyway, I thought it might not have because that was a limitation of libspotify that this doesn’t use.


Only some big companies’ devices don’t require a premium account for Spotify Connect, but that seems to be a special licensing agreement…
When you look at the support page for Spotify Connect (Listening to Spotify on speakers and sound systems) it states that some require premium, some don’t.

But an open-source method to use Spotify Connect will most definitely never be licensed to be used without Spotify premium. :joy:


How did you install?
Autosetup.sh will update the config to set the highest quality + your device name and restart the service.
If you install manually, you should do the same.


I set already a device name and set the quality too.
I think it is a problem of the audio output. I Use a AV Receiver.

I suppose at the first boot it use not the hdmi port.


Has anybody followed up on this?

I can give it a go on my Vero, although I don’t need Spotify Connect on it (due to the capabilites of my AVR)… But maybe others with more knowledge of the addon and the device could help better with this (@zilexa, @sam_nazarko) :wink:


I’m working on something: slowly but surely…


Appreciate it a lot! Thanks!

@Chillbo Thank you too, for getting involved in this.


FYI: the errors reported above just suggest that the repository wasn’t added correctly.


First of all - thank you. I use raspotify on pi 3 and I have a problem. If I don’t play any music, my librespot is still repeatedly connecting and disconnecting from spotify connect. If I’m lucky enough (usually after 10 - 20 tryouts), I catch player remotely (in Spotify app in phone or laptop) and from that time on I can freely play or stop or control raspotify normally. If I see netstat - librespot repeatedly (10s intervals maybe) appears and disappears. I really don’t know what to do. Do you have any hint? Thank you.


Hi All.

i am using this addon, but i am experiencing very low volumes.(HDMI used, and the 100% volume on the TV is spotify listenable, and ofc. loud for movie playing) can it be configured somewhere?
thanks in advance


I want to but don’t know how.

This is the one feature I really miss on my new Vero, we simply need a LibreSpot build for Vero, (Raspotify is a LibreSpot build for RPi).

Alternative to Librespot: