Http-time messages in boot screen

Hi there,
i have a problem with the boot screen. Sometimes when I boot my raspberry with the http-time service I get the message “a start job is running” and then the time runs until the service is successfully executed. The service is always executed successfully and the time is then correct. Sometimes I didn’t get the message on the screen, sometimes only briefly and sometimes it took a few seconds for the service to run. My problem is not this service or how long it takes to run it, but rather the boot messages in the bootscreen which are always visible from this service onwards.

I use VDR and when I switch I always see these messages on the screen. :frowning:

Is that a general problem that sporadically causes these messages in the boot screen when booting http-time?

Can you suppress it so that the boot screen stays clean or should you look why http-time sporadically takes longer?

Or can you clean the boot screen after booting? Many Thanks

Please post some logs when this occurs.

In the log files I can’t really find anything unusual with http-time. The service works. In the example, the time for “a start job is running” ran for about 25 seconds until the message like the one in the screenshot then appeared. However, I had to reboot a few times beforehand in order to recreate the error. I deactivated VDR and Kodi for the test via systemd.

Please upload via My OSMC.

During this boot process, http-time took around 40 decades.

I still noticed reports with VPN. I don’t know if there is any connection. I don’t use VPN at all, have already deactivated openvpn. I haven’t found a configuration that might cause these messages. Maybe you can help there too?

dbus-daemon[340]: [system] Activating via systemd: service name='net.connman.vpn' unit='connman-vpn.service' requested by ':1.4' (uid=0 pid=373 comm="/usr/sbin/connmand -n --nodnsproxy --config=/etc/c")
dbus-daemon[340]: [system] Activation via systemd failed for unit 'connman-vpn.service': Unit connman-vpn.service not found.
connmand[373]: Unit connman-vpn.service not found.

Here’s what the log shows:

Jan 21 09:51:53 osmc connmand[373]: eth0 {del} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>
Jan 21 12:24:08 osmc http-time[384]: Updated time from Do 21. Jan 08:51:58 UTC 2021 to Do 21. Jan 11:24:08 UTC 2021 using HTTP query to
Jan 21 12:24:08 osmc systemd[1]: http-time.service: Succeeded.

The time jumps forward by about 2 1/2 hours after http-time has queried because the original time (09:51:53) was incorrect.

The VPN messages are nothing to worry about. They appear because of some files that aren’t currently used:

http-time works correctly and jumps to the correct time. That always works. Only sometimes it is quite fast and sometimes it takes over 30 seconds and causes the message when booting. Unfortunately, by jumping to the correct time in the log file, it is difficult to see how long the service actually takes.

Is this behavior of http-time normal and I have to see how I can clean the boot screen or can something else be done with httd-time? Faster boot time would also be nice.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

That would indicate a network issue (either DHCP, DNS or a general routing issue)

I agree with @fzinken’s suggestion, which is supported by the log.

Once connman has started the network, it tries to add a temporary route to a fixed IP address out on the Internet, a bit like a ping. Once the link is established, connman deletes the route. Your log shows that the add and delete steps were 32 seconds apart, so that’s probably a network-related problem:

Jan 21 09:51:20 osmc connmand[373]: eth0 {add} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>
Jan 21 09:51:52 osmc connmand[373]: eth0 {del} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>