HTTPError when starting netflix addon since 2 days

Hello together,

I have been using the Netflix addon on OSMC for quite a while now…
Since two days I am getting the following error message when starting the Netflix Addon: “HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:
I tried to log out and log in again but the error stays.

Does anybody have an idea what caused that error and how to solve this problem?

you can find the log where I tried to log in via NFAuthentification key and via email + password at

thanks for any help

Band-aid solution is called t2 release linked in #1425 issue ob Github, or as a branch for current development, named “rework [smething]”.

And the developer is vocal about, fixing for v.19 first, stabilize and then consider for v.18.

Good luck.

You’re using a very old version of OSMC and may wish to consider upgrading it.