Hulu Add-On Crashes

I’m running OSMC / Kodi on a RP4, with the SlyGuy Hulu and Pluto add-ons. Anytime I try to play anything from Hulu, the content will spin up then I get the frown face and reboot.

The Pluto add-on plays fine.

I have the same config running on another RP4 in another room and it plays fine. I have uploaded the logs, any help would be appreciated.

Power supply or SD Card issue?
Both Pi use same OSMC version/update?

It’s a brand new RP4 kit with good SD card and power supply. And by ‘same config’ on the other RP, I mean OSMC version, Kodi version, NextPVR, Hulu and Pluto add-ons. I updated widevine and restarted, no dice. Very strange.

Did the logs show anything crashing?

Dec 22 20:57:46 OSMCGR mediacenter[319]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 149: 471 Segmentation fault sudo -u osmc LIRC_SOCKET_PATH=/var/run/lirc/lircd $KODI --standalone -fs

Since you have two RPi 4’s I’d suggest to swap SD cards to make sure the new hardware is good and that it is just a software issue. If the SD from the older box works fine with the new hardware I’d suggest to just clone that SD and skip the whole figuring out why that new install has issues.

Good idea, I’ll swap and test - if good I’ll just restore the new SD card with the backup image of the RP that works. Shoulda thunk of that myself.

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Worked like a charm. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Which part? The cloning?

Of a sort. I always create a backup image of the SD Cards after a build or major update, so after I confirmed the RP in question ran fine using the SD Card from the working RP I just ‘restored’ that image to the SD Card from the problematic RP, then renamed and tweaked the config - working like a charm. (I did an image backup of the ‘new’ SD Card after the rename and config changes.)