HW acceleration specs of the Vero 4K +?

What are the exact hardware acceleration capabilities of the Vero 4K +: supported codecs, max resolution, etc? There is no info on the website about this.

I’m asking because today i found out that it does NOT hardware-decode a 4k H264 file, but does hardware-decode a 4k VP9 file. (I checked both cases through Kodi’s PlayerProcessInfo screen…) This really surprised me as the lack of HW accel for 4k H264 causes Vero to stutters heavily and pegs a CPU core at 100%…

What is the mediainfo of the file?
Could it be a 10-Bit file?
Could it be you disabled HW Acceleration?

And to answer your question this should be the HW capabilities

H.264 HP@L5.1 upto 4K at 30FPS
H.265 MP10@L5.1 upto 4K at 60FPS
VP9 P2 upto 4K at 60FPS

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Thanks! So I found the problem. My video sample was using the yuv444p color space, which Vero can’t hardware-decode (Hi444PP is higher-level than HP). When I recreate the same 4k H264 file with yuv420p, it can play it using the hardware decoder.

It can also hw-decode MPEG2 (what resolution, what fps?). Any other codecs missing from your list?