HW decoder not used for AVC1 video

As the title suggest, I noticed that recently (since last update ???) videos with avc1 codec are not decoded via HW but via SW.

Videos are from YouTube using the YouTube addon.

Here is the debug log: https://paste.osmc.tv/motubezoka

The file you are playing is AV-1, not AVC.

AV-1 is only supported on Vero V.
Otherwise you need to rely on software decoding

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Thanks for the answer… I guess YouTube started using av-1 as a codec recently because I noticed the video stuttering only very recently.

Or maybe the YouTube addon got updated with Kodi20 and is compatible with more formats.

Anyway, thanks.

Yes, AV-1 is being adopted by Google and YouTube is indeed adapting this.

There might be a setting to force it over to VP9 which is supported.

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