Hyperion LEDs either mostly on or off

Just a quick question Im sure someone will know the answer too.

When testing Hyperion on RPi2 with the latest OSMC on WS2801 LED’s. It seems that most of the LED’s don’t match the brightness and colour of the image. The LED’s are either 100% on and when it goes below the threshold they are off. Are the LED’s mean’t to dim with the image until it hits the black threshold? A darkish blue will just turn the LED off instead of lowering it to say 50% brightness.



i have both a lpd8806 strip and a lightpack, with the lpd8806 i had to change the order of witch the color is on the led(a guess)… but non the less i had to change in the hyperion config “RGB Byte Order” from RGB to GBR before the color was correct.

i used this tool to easier manage the settings in the config file.

hope this helps.


Hi, Yes I have the configuration tool it was probably my explanation of the problem didn’t help. What I’m saying is the LEDs don’t dim in relation to what is on the screen, they are either full brightness or off, they don’t dim down.

All my LEDs are configured for the correct order and all display the correct colours.

I’ve been playing with the configuration file and only can get the LEDs to turn on on lower black levels on the screen but for instance on the darker blues the would be off and then say one shade of blue lighter and they would be full on.