Hyperion on Vero (Original)


Is anyone out there using Hyperion ambilight on the original Vero platform?

I have purchased the lightberry usb to drive the LEDs and have that working just fine.

I think the problem is the way hyperion grabs the screen frames and passes them onto the LED driver. I think it was written for the RPI and Videocore GPU which obviously isn’t on the Vero. There is an X11 implementation for non RPI Linux boxes but OSMC doesn’t use X11 either.

So… wondering if there is a workaround that anyone has successfully used.



It depends on the hardware. I think there is IMX6 (Vero’s SoC) support for Lightberry. I will ask the Lightberry guys.


Hi Sam,

Cheers. Through a lot of trail and error I managed to get it working.

I built from source, and there does appear to be a IMX6 compatible build.

I had to add the following to cmake


I then used Lightberrys hyperion config plugin for Kodi.

I copied the file to my hyperion directory (/opt/hyperion/bin and changed the LED colour format from bgr to rgb.

I’m no Linux ninja but sorted it with a lot of help from Google. Learned a lot in the process though!

Anyways, hope the above helps out if anyone is trying to get this set up working.