"Hyperion" + "RPI B+" + BGR Leds ws2801

Hello, I have read and read… I’m new and I have a problem. I install Hyperion and I create a configuration for my LEDs that are BGR, but as much as several order of RGB colors … BRG … BGR is always well lit green, and blue is changed red and red for blue.
You know that I can be doing wrong? I’m going crazy
Thank you very much
I’m not too good at English, I hope you can understand!

You’re posting in the wrong forum. If you’re using OpenElec you should be asking for help in the OpenElec forum. :wink:

I see I see, i’m new on this and i’m sorry, but hyperion is the same no? I will try install OSMC

Well, @DBMandrake; I first posted a similar answer which I then deleted because I figured out that “Hyperion - A low-cpu ambilight clone for Raspbmc” and as they had very detailed discussions on the Raspbmc Forum (OSMC Forums) which is now moved to OSMC forum I believe @Patovolador might have a valid point asking here

The first time I did try to post in this forum post but will not let me write :(:frowning: don’t know why :frowning:

@Patovolador, the forum has been migrated to THIS forum (thats the reason you can not write). Therefore I was saying you are NOT totally wrong to ask in this forum even so you use openelec.

Thanks, but really I do not care if I use open elec or OSMC, so I read OSMC is newer! Ue think what the problem I have is with Hyperion and its configuration.

As much as any other set BGR or always send RGB

I think you’re still confused. Raspbmc, OSMC and OpenElec are all Linux operating systems which just happen to bundle Kodi as their primary application.

OSMC is the successor to Raspbmc, although it is built from the ground up - it replaces Raspbmc rather than being a direct upgrade from it.

OpenElec is a completely unrelated project to either OSMC or Raspbmc - and is very very different in the way the underlying operating system functions.

When trying to install and set up hardware like Hyperion it’s the underlying operating system that matters to know how to configure the hardware.

Asking for help to install Hyperion on OpenElec here is like asking for help on a Windows forum to install software on a Macintosh. It doesn’t make any sense.

If you’re wanting to try to get Hyperion working on OSMC then by all means ask here, but if you’re trying to get it working on OpenElec you really need to ask on the OpenElec forum.

Its possible to install Hyperion on OSMC? If it is posible (I thinck yes) I will try to install OSMC, Well, realy i’m trying to install just now