I bought IR Remote from Amazon

Last month one of my friend bought IR remote from Amazon .
After I see package, I see three parts
I do not know how I can connect them to Pi and use it with OSMC.
I am noob and I do not know how to use it.

With this package , I can not find cord.
I have Pi 3 .
I need diagram or picture connect this IR remote to my Pi and use it.

Well too be honest if you need an instruction for a product I would ask either the company you bought the product from or the manufacturer for such details and not not a team that provides software.
But looking at the picture you showed I guess the IR diode (on the right) need to be plugged into the Platine on the left. The Platine is than to be connected by jumper cables to the Pi.
To understand than background see this page.

but with packages I bought there wan not any guide and instructions.
I can not find any guide.

Why would you buy a IR remote ? RF remotes are easier and better