I cannot update to Pihole 5.1 on OSMC


I am using OSMC 2020.06-1 and I cannot perform the upgrade of Pihole.

When I do: pihole -up I get:

[✗] Unsupported OS detected

  This check can be skipped by setting the environment variable PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK to true
  e.g: export PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true
  By setting this variable to true you acknowledge there may be issues with Pi-hole during or after the install
  If that is the case, you can feel free to ask the community on Discourse with the Community Help category:

Unable to complete update, please contact Pi-hole Support

I added “export PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true” to .bash_profile, .bashrc, .profile, /etc/environment.
I did a source .bash_profile, source .bashrc, source .profile. I even restarted my machine.

I always get this error: [✗] Unsupported OS detected

Does anyone knows how to disable this check?

Many thanks


Sorry unfortunately a native install of pihole isn’t supported by OSMC, I believe the docker install works quite well.


Pihole support may be able to advise how to bypass this check.

Thanks Tom.

Pi-hole and OSMC don’t sit well together but you can probably hack it so it works – but at your own risk. See No internet on OSMC after installing Pi-hole (also using the Pi-hole as DHCP server) as an example.

As to the more immediate problem, I (very) briefly looked at the code and there is mention of getting

a list of supported OS versions from a TXT record at versions.pi-hole.net

I’m unable to find versions.pi-hole.net so perhaps it’s a DNS-related problem.

Update: No, not a DNS problem.

[user@disp2478 ~]$ dig +short -t txt versions.pi-hole.net
"Raspbian=9,10 Ubuntu=16,18,20 Debian=9,10 Fedora=31,32 CentOS=7,8"

Although OSMC is Debian-based, it doesn’t have the “correct” values in /etc/os-release, which is where Pi-hole looks. As to why using export PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true doesn’t work, perhaps you’ll have more success on the Pi-hole forum.

use adguard home instead that works without borking OSMC with incompatible software

that was not his question

Put this in terminal as root:

PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true pihole -up

worked for me without any problem

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