I cant figure out how watch/copy files on my usb thumbdrive to my raspberry pi 2 with OSMC. Please help!

I want to watch movies on my raspberry pi using osmc and i dont have any way to set up a “media server” (i dont have anyway to connect it to the internet) or whatever. When ever i go into the file manager there is no USB device option also when i look for file directories in other programs. Is there any way to watch/view files on a thumbdrive? thanks.

When you plug in a USB drive it should be automatically mounted - an alert will appear on the screen, and if you go to Videos->Files you should see the name of the USB device there where you can open the files.

That doesn’t happen though. When i remove the thumb drive an alert pops up saying it was removed successfully but not when I put it in. I look in the “Videos->Files” thing but that didn’t work for any of the media types i also tried another thumb drive as well as a USB card reader and none of them worked.