I can't watch the videos in my media center

Good evening I hope you can help me, install samba to share the files from my pc to my OSMC but when loading them in the Movies folder (/ home / osmc / Movies) the folder is placed in green and the file also and the OSMC system does not recognize it .

It is recommended to not mount it under /home/osmc/Movies/ but under /mnt

Seems you are using “browse for new share” in that moment it only shows folders. Files/Movies only shown after a folder is added to Koid. While /home/osmc/Movies/ would be visible if you go via Videos/Files.

Did you add the shares as sources in Kodi?

How do I do that?

I’d suggest that you read the Kodi wiki for basic help with using Kodi. A good starting point would be: https://kodi.wiki/view/Video_library