I did an "apt upgrade", am I screwed?

I did an “apt upgrade” as I didn’t read the wiki before (I know, I know). How to know if I am screwed?

By screwed: you might need to reinstall OSMC. Your device itself will be fine.

We’ve taken measures to prevent users from running apt upgrade in future, and this will be included in the next update.

If there were no critical updates available, you may have got away with it. You’ll know by the time the next update is released.


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Thank you, this comforted me.
BTW, the Vero 4K is really great. It’s smaller and silkier than I thought.

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Weird. Why should we not do an apt-upgrade?

I do that all the time (apt-get dist-upgrade), disabled the automatic updates as they always come in a not so good time.
OK - sometimes I have to fix things here and there, but that’s part if the thrill :wink:

apt-get dist-upgrade is good. apt-get upgrade is not

dist-upgrade is the only method recommended by Debian themselves. Most users aren’t interested in the thrill of fixing things since they know very little about linux.