I have some music videos in VOB format - How do I get them scanned as a music video?

I set the content as Music Videos and scanned, but it just says “No Videos found on this path!” I’d be happy with them showing in the “Videos” library, but “Music Videos” would be preferable. They are ISO files and VOB files. Does the filetype prevent them from being picked up?

I can get them to come up in the “Movies” library and that’s OK if I can’t do it, but they’re not really movies so I’d prefer to move them. Is there maybe something in advancedSettings?

I read the “Playing music videos” post but but in this case, it is not a “song”, but a dvd formatted concert. I tried formatting it like “artist - dvdtitle”, but no luck so far.

Is the file path your using outside of where your storing your movis? What are you using for folder names (just post the full file path to one that isn’t working).

I don’t think that there is a Music Video scrapper. You will need to create .nfo files for them. At least that’s how I added my 700+ MVs.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that you may be able to do this: Music videos - Official Kodi Wiki
I’ve never used this idea before so I don’t know how well it works.

In this case I think they may have to be treated as music concerts instead of music videos since we are talking about whole disks.


That Kodi music concerts link looks fine, but in step 9 it talks about setting up “video nodes”… is that something I can do with osmc Vero?

Yes. The guide, like most of Kodi’s wiki, is specific to the Estuary skin though so the details can shift a bit depending on which skin your using. For example Estuary doesn’t allow for adding main menu items so this concert node would show up with the main menus widgets and a submenu to movies, but with the OSMC skin, if you wanted, it would be possible to make a main menu item specific to these items.

I installed the Library Node Editor and then set up my “Concerts” top level node and placed it just under the Music Videos top level node. Scanned for content and I can see it is picking up the concerts.

But “Concerts” won’t display in the home page. Just the same old Movies, TV Shows, Videos, Music, etc. They are in the Movies. This is with the OSMC skin. I tried a few others but it doesn’t seem to matter.

You have to make a new main menu item in the skin settings and then point it to that new node you made.

That was it! The Kodi instructions didn’t mention anything about skin settings I don’t think.

I think they are slightly outdated as well as I gave it a go and not everything lines up perfect. Honestly the hole node thing is a bit too easy to get tripped up on. Like I said the guide is also specific to Estuary (Kodi’s default skin) and adding a main menu item (outside of manually editing the skins xml files) is not possible. What the guide points to is where you can enter the movie section and there would be an extra option among the categories. This is even less clear as by default that skin will drop you directly to a title view so you would have to click on the “…” at the top of the list twice to see this new node you made, and that is assuming you didn’t turn off the display of the “…”. :grin: Fortunately the OSMC skin (as well as many others) are not so restrictive.