I have to reload my remote lidcd.conf after every shut down

I am very much a novice.
On an older version of XBMC i “taught” my remote that resulted in a lidcd.conf file. I put that file on a USB stick and under OSMC remote setup I find the file on the USB, enable it and the remote works perfectly…until the Pi 2 is turn off and then I have to re-enable it.
Is this normal or am i missing something?

Put the file in /home/osmc not on a USB stick. It’s likely that lircd is loading before your USB stick is mounted, thus it can’t find the file during boot.

THANK you for the reply.
It didn’t work or I didn’t do it correctly.

I “ssh-ed” to the pi, put the file in the home folder.
rebooted and remote didnt work. Went to setup and remote, went to 'browse" and it just gives me the choices of “fusion” and “untitled” (my USB stick) to find the lircd.config file - it doesnt give me “home”??

SO I also tried to drop my custom lidcd.config file in the “etc” folder where all the preinstalled remotes are, but PERMISSION DENIED.

Use sudo. What are you using to ssh in? Putty? WinSCP?

You can add the home folder as a source in Kodi File Manager, then the remote dialog will allow you to browse to it

THANK YOU, when I was able to browse to “home” it loads every time.

btw, I use putty on a mac to SSH.
when do you “sudo” when you sign in?

Use sudo before the command eg.

sudo mv /home/osmc/file /etc/lircd/file