I want more audiopassthrough selection

I use the optical diff and enabled passthrough for dts and such.
Onecproblem my reciever doesnlt understand all dts and al act.
So i alway’s need to convert ac3-e and dts 6.1 of higher with vidcoder.
I would be very happy if i could select which audio codec is passed through to the reciever and which is converted to a fallback codec ac-3
Then i don’t have to decode every film if i can’t use original audio codex.

Any possibility to add this in the system audio settings?

What your asking for already exists. Have you read through this guide…

It sounds like what settings you need is to set channels to 2.0 and enable passthrough for AC3 and DTS and enable AC3 transcoding. With the options for eAC3 and the other newer formats not enabled you should get only regular AC3 and DTS core output.


Yes it does. Thanks. I tested it.
(i was in the assumption that t should be at 5.1 channels as my setup is.)
I hoped that veroplus could decode ac3-e to ac3 and then “pasthrough.”
Now it’s striped completely to stereo which is offered to my reciever that sounds a bit different. A bit hollow in as in calling in a empty space. (yes buying a new reciever would be easier… But eeks 600 plus euro.:grimacing:)

I think i re code ac3-e to ac3 in vidcoder. For now.
I try to find the setting keep track 1 as ac3-e and build track 2 as ac3.

It shouldn’t be downmixing it to stereo. That “channels” setting is how many LPCM channels that are available to output. SPDIF can only handle two channels (stereo) so using that connection type your options are stereo PCM (uncompressed audio), or up to 5.1 channels in AC3 or DTS (compressed formats that allows the extra channels to fit in the same bandwidth). With the setting I proposed the newer DTS formats output DTS core, which is DTS without the new stuff as those formats are internally split consisting of the old DTS format and all the information that is needed to combine with that core track to get to the end result. Thus DTS=PCM-(stuff), DTSMA=DTS+(stuff)=original PCM. With eAC3 there is no “core” track so what happens is the eAC3 gets converted to LPCM and with the AC3 transcode option enabled (which only takes effect if channels is set to 2.0) the decoded LPCM gets encoded into AC3. There will be some fidelity lost due to the conversion but it shouldn’t be downscaling the number of channels. I think there is also dynamic range compression added in the process as well. You can disable that with an advancedsettings.xml file.

DTS 6.1 (aka DTS ES) is treated the same as DTS by Kodi. That is, you can’t force DTS ES to be output as plain DTS 5.1. To add another option for ‘DTS ES capable receiver’ would not be trivial.


Are shown as

Mostly stereo out of the speakers LR-front and mid.(centre speaker)

By the way the hollow sound was litle bit off sync tv speakers, got a smart mindbubbel and muted the tv. Stupid me hdmi audio is active when pcm 2.0 is active.

Seems to work and processed by my reciever.

So to recap:
AC3-e is broke down to pcm, (uncompressed audio in same amount of channels say 5.1.) and then re-coded towards AC3 still embedding 5.1?
All DTS+plus is als broke down in PCM and re-coded in ac3?
I missed with setting at 5.1(in audiosetting veraplus) voice audio because that was the plusstuf of the DD-plus which is outside DD. (right?) so it was cut from DD and left behind in the veraplus.

I understand that optical toslink can only support 2.0 pcm (uncompressed stereo.)
So the audio systemsettings of veraplus other then 2.0 are for hdmi 1.4 and hdmi 2.0 connection with a modern reciever.

I will keep an eye on my reciever and displayed audio codecin the veraplus to see which codec’s are passed through and which are re-coded and how they sound. (how many speakers there are activated.

Thanks for the information and help. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have AC3 set to passthrough and the sync playback to display settings is not enabled, then yes.

If AC3 passthrough is enabled, channels is set to 2.0, and transcode to AC3 option enabled, then all formats that are not set to passthrough will get transcoded to AC3 with up to 5.1 channels if that is what the source is. If the source is more than 5.1 channels then it will get remuxed down to 5.1 channels. Note here that All non passthrough audio will get transcoded. If you pay a mp3 music file it will get transcoded to AC3 instead of being output as an uncompressed PCM stream.

No. More modern versions of DTS are comprised of a core DTS track and a second track that contains information that it can combine with the core DTS track to get to the higher quality audio. As such Kodi just strips off the second track and sends the DTS core part of the audio which is the same as just a regular DTS track. No decoding or transcoding is needed.

If your only doing passthrough for AC3 and DTS then everything other than regular old school AC3 and DTS, with the above caveats kept in mind, are transcoded or encoded.

I can’t quite make out what your saying/asking here.

Your using optical which means that the ONLY correct setting for channels is 2.0, period, full stop. The older HDMI spec supports 6 LPCM channels and the newer ones supports more. This also gives them the bandwidth to transfer the HD audio formats via passthrough. The support is a bit relative though. If you have a modern AVR and your device is plugged straight into it via HDMI then all the output options are available. If you route through a TV to a soundbar or some other setup like that then it depends on the specific equipment what it will let pass though it.

If that “Sci-Fi” displayed on your AVR is an audio processing mode I would suggest to turn that off when your trying to evaluate the effects of re/encoding.

Owh, that’s something i need to remember. Mp3 is already compressed.
Reminder to myself, toggle off /on AC3 Transcoding setting off for music on for video/movies.
(i wil reread your answers and check my settings in vero settings.)
Ok got it, i didn’t activated AC3 transcoding so it was pure PCM (stereo) that’s why it sounded only front.

The same happed with E-AC3. I got effect’s, music but the voices of the acters where muted.

See my text just above.

I think it’s best to read your self what it means.

I think you mean option 9 as best option.

Short cut methode is when i have E-AC3/DDplusaudio and such in a movie which result in 2.0 pcm now with my present settings : =>turn on AC3 transcoding in audio settings. And AC3 is taking over to give the 5.1 experience.

Or maybe better => keep it on for better film experience and remember to turn transcoding off when i want to listen to music for the PCM 2.0.
Second is keep it as much as possible on PL II movie. (straight decoding)

Thanks, i understand the audio misbehaviour in my setup better now and now i can select the proper setting to solve that.

I think you misunderstand. DTS (insert variant) contains the original format that can be pulled out and sent unmodified. None of the Dolby formats have any type of backwards compatibility other than Dolby Pro Logic. I would guess if the actors voices were muted this means that the center channel was missing and for that to happen it you have to have set it to output more than two channels and since there is only two channels via TOSLINK the others, including the center, were discarded.

If option 9 is the straight decode then yes, for evaluation. If you like eq and sound processing there is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to find out what effect changing options at your source is doing you complicate it by intentionally telling your AVR to manipulate the audio at the same time. For example maybe you notice that transcoding eAC3 is more compressed than your AC3 which then makes a sound setting in your AVR that is adding even more compression make eAC3 sources sound off. You now have two different devices contributing to the problem.

Short cut method to me would be to keymap a button on the remote to a “audiotoggledigital” action.

Your welcome. Things are a lot less complicated with a modern AVR that doesn’t require all this mucking about. Perhaps an AVR that is old enough that it contains a dedicated VCR input is due for an upgrade at this point though.


Old? 20 years,(Yamaha v440rds) rather fresh agains my grundig 4090 bulb world radio from my granddad…:grin:
edit: i sold the philips and kept this one. 1956 the youtube link is not me just an other enthousiast. stil sounds great :slight_smile: it’s a 4.0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My FHDtv is nearly ready for replacement so maybe i aim for complete replacement.
How ever i like to keep my 5.1 set up and not go for soundbar.

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Update, i am sins today proud owner of a Yamaha rx-v 473 rds.
Got myself trapped in a search for a newer type of AVR for a certain amount of money. Did a offer and the seller accepted.:sweat_smile:
Hope it’s worth it. (Yamaha has alway’s great audio output characteristics) it’s half the age of my present one and 4K capable.
hDMI 1 out 3 in 5.1 100watts per channel. The titanium colored one not black.

When it’s up and running for a wile i try to get some of the money back by selling the old one.


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