I want to Install the NFS Server package

First post here, so I searched best I could for the subject this is my second install on the rpi 3+ on the first I installed something from the repository and I believe it borked osmc so now I want to reach out for advice about what can be installed with apt I know about updating through osmc only but how about packages that aren’t in the store?

Well a search here in the forum throws up quite some entries


And based on this post it is as easy as sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

Currently NFS Server is not in the App Store and you would need to configure it manually for your shares.
To be honest if you are not that experienced with installing NFS Servers under Debian you might want to stick to the Samba Server in the App Store.

Thanks for the links, I always use nfs on my machines since it’s really plug and play and as I don’t use windows I really don’t have any use for samba. I’m just concerned as to borking osmc again. You wouldn’t happen to have any mythtv experience would you?

Well last time I used it is 18 years ago so I would say no. Also in general is think more people using TVHeadend nowadays.

Thanks anyway, Iv’e tried tvheadend I find mythtv easier to configure.