I want to mount my wd my cloud personal 3 tb nas on osmc installed raspberry pi 2

hello friends ,

I am new to this forum. i am looking for mounting my wd nas on osmc on raspberry pi pleaase suggest step by step procedure . i am new to command based system…as i want to directly install torrents on my nas from raspberry pi 2 osmc.

thank you in advance

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i mounted the drive with the folder name “Torrent” without any error ,but i dont know exactly the path on my folder on raspberry pi 2 osmc to be given in transmission to directly download the files to the drive . please suggest i used nfs method.

thank you in advance


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how to remotely access transmission client from any where away from my router and pi is their a way to access transmission client remotely on osmc raspberry pi 2?

Suggest to setup a VPN for that

how to configure and then use transmission anywhere?

You can follow this guide to setup a VPN-server on your OSMC device, then you install openvpn client on your remote system. When ever you want to controll tranmission you start openvpn connection on your remote machine, and then you open transmission web interface, as you would if you were home behind your router.

When you get “./build-ca”, you will get an error, to resolve that problem run this command:
ln openssl-1.0.0.cnf openssl.cnf
Then run ./build-ca again

Hope this solves your problem.