Idea: Games (Retrogaming)

i know there are plenty of ways to do this but im thinking long term now Retroplayer seems to be the official kodi retrogame addon still gearbear doesnt seem to keen on supporting ARM

Emulationstation is more adaptive towards rpi not so much the other ARM platforms

now what im proposing is to work with and make a custom package for OSMC, i know that Alex the dev of wants kodi integration its in the official roadmap (atleast in the kickstarter) for the project this would make OSMC pretty much complete not just another standard mediacenter a more unique feature if we was to make a package in appstore that users can install, i know there are plenty of retro games people in here, proof of that is in retrosmc thread and that still is a inofficial method if we jump on this and make it official that would be a great boost and make the distro stand out from the rest.

the platform is built on nodejs python and C for emulators.

cc @sam_nazarko @DBMandrake @marktheis


Right now I’m pretty happy with EmulationStation installed via GitHub - mcobit/retrosmc: An easier way to get retropie onto osmc and as I can see in it’s current state it needs only some packaging love.

time will tell what will be :smile:

It seems like garbear is working on supporting the raspberry pi - openelec AND retroplayer? i need a clean pair of pants

not interested in garbears kodi implementation at all, i want since it has a social platform around it that lets you play with your friends across the internet so unless he pulls a rabbit outta his ass :smile:

i dont want just an emulator cause then i could easily keep on using emulationstation and retroarch