Ideas for switching Raspberry Pi 2 on and off


I love my Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC, but I have one very big design flaw, and that’s particularly the really annoying situation of turning the device on and off. Until now, I always shutdown the RasPi using the Kodi menu, and then unplug the USB power device.

I have a Hama VRC-1100 remote, and what I would rather like to do is to use the remote to set the RasPi to sleep, and wake it up on keypress. Is that possible?

Besides, is it possible to switch the RasPi on and off using a hardware powerswitch on one of the PINs on the board, like a PC? Becuase when you shutdown the raspi, how can you restart it without unplugging and replugging the USB power supply? The raspi seems to be in a state after shutdown where one of the LEDs is still red, so how can it be restarted in that state, i.e. after shuitdown? Is there any concept how to handle that?

Hey, I use power supply from my TV (Panasonic Viera) and I use HDMI link. Whenever I turn on the TV the RPi2 turn ON too because the TV start to power the USB. The nice thing is that when I turn off the TV the USB power supply is not stopped immediately. The RPi turn off correctly (because HDMI link). USB power supply is stopped after a minute or two, which is exactly what I need. Of course I use external and powered USB hub for WIFI and HDD devices. USB current on TV is 0,5A but it is enough to use RPi2 with powered USB hub.

Of course, this will not work on every TV:( I’m glad it works with my TV.

I also cant turn off and on my TV in a short intervals of course…
EDITED: units typo mA->A

500mA is not sufficient to power the Pi 2 Model B. Please use a proper power supply.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about turning Pi off: it consumes very little power.

There is some work on virtual suspend that is being done. When that becomes more stable I will review it then


My RPi 1 with raspbmc run almost for one year without turning off with proper power supply. But i noticed the HDD suspend did not work as I expected. I guess that my HDD consumed more power then RPi. Now I tried this and I did not observe any trouble yet. What is the possible problem, please? I think the recommended power supply 2A is enough for using all the 4 USB. I use only powered USB hub. I expected some performance trouble or something like that but did not observe. Im maybe wrong and Im open to listen. After all OP asks for ideas:)

Thats what I’m using

If the Raspberry Pi 2 also has two holes on P6, this should work:

Hmm, it has holes, but not on P6, but next to the micro SD card slot, labelled “RUN”, ist that for reset too?

Yes it is.

And it’s the same on Rpi2

There was bug preventing hard drive spin down at times in Raspbmc. This is fixed now



I bump this thread to ask if someone has tested the “RB-Pis-10 On/Off Power Supply Switch for Raspberry Pi” from Pi supply and have any feedback about the script part of the solution.

They told me it was ok with Rpi2 but the answer about osmc is not that straight …

Yes, it should work with OSMC, or any operating system, as long as you can get access to the GPIO pins in software

their scripts are here:

Thank you