Ignore this, mods maybe delete this post


I dont understand why people write these posts and then think they can end it with “oh, but that isnt a dig!”

What the hell do they think the purpose of their posts are?

They obviously aren’t looking for resolution; they never provide any detail other than ‘network bad’. They can’t possibly think that their decision to revert to an unsupported alpha affects anyone else on the planet in any way, can they?

Is it just how the modern world is going? Is it that they’ve been raised on a diet of participation medals and no-grades schooling? Is it that they are accustomed to recording the banalities of their lives on Facebook and Twitter?

Where did this idea come from, that merely having an opinion is reason enough to impart it?

Reverting to Alpha is something that can be achieved in complete silence and nobody’s lives will be adversely affected by either the decision or the silence.

Given there is no fathomable practical reason to have written their post, it is reasonable for someone to assume it WAS meant as a dig, or at the very least a post whose only message is “you should feel bad for having provided me with an imperfect product”, despite what could very well be disingenuous protests to the contrary.


Precisely what part of your post do you think warrants the term “feedback”?

Is it the part where you vaguely describe a problem others are seeing in a different thread? Or the part where you said the software used to be good but all the work that was done to get from A4 to RC has made it worse?

How do you think anyone else’s life has been enriched by your post stating that you are reverting to Alpha4?

It really looks like your post is “I have an opinion, and this is it. You are all welcome.”