Image freeze when watch live TV in HD

Hi everyone.

I am facing an image freezing when I am looking a live TV in HD definition.
In SD everything looks OK.
I can look the same HD channel on my phone with no issue.
What can be the problem?
I attache the log
I am using uTV HAT with HTS Tvheadend 4.2.8 installed from the store.

Thank You

That the Pi can not decode HD content.
What is the encoding format used on that channel?

thank you for the reply
this is the codec information


Have you tried the same as a recording instead of Livestream?
Also may want to check CPU usage while playing the Livestream.

I have try to record.
If I watch it on my computer is OK but if I look from the PVR interface in the OSMC I see the video is not fluid like on the live tv.
I checked the CPU usage and is normal. 10 to 20% sometimes.

I have found the solution.
In the video settings the Deinterlacing method was setted to AUTO. Set to OFF the problem solved. Now also the video in HD is fluid.
Is that can be considered a bug?
Thank you for your support