Image is darker than usual

Hello guys,

i have a problem with my vero 4k and Kodi.
My “normal” television image is perfect. brightness perfect but if i turn to my vero 4k kodi and try to play series or movies the picture is darker than usual. the brightness is really bad.

I tried to find something in the settings to correct the brightness - without success.
then i changed my tv settings with moderate success but the television picture from my sat receiver is perfect without problems.

has anybody an idea?
Many thanks for every hint.


It would be helpful to be able to see what settings your using instead of just making guesses. Please provide logs so we can further assist you.

Which report do you need to help? How can i create the log report?

What surprised me is that I didn’t change anything and suddenly the picture was darker.


If you open the My OSMC add-on, go to logs, make sure the “all configs and logs” option is enabled, click on upload selected logs now. That will come back with a url that you can post in this thread.

Can you also please clarify if this darker picture is the UI and all content you are playing, or just some content, or ???

Have you tried rebooting your Vero. There is a known issue where the default “dim” screensaver can get stuck and everything stays dim.

Reboot - that was the solution. Everything works fine again.
Many Thanks

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I had a similar issue two days ago. Playing a movie and I thought that the image is much darker than usually.

I think that my Vero4K+ activated the screen saver (dim) and after starting the movie the brightness was not adjusted like usual.

Since this occurred in my case the first time I did not panic and solved the issue like shawn2018_1 with a reboot.

From what I understand it is a Kodi issue. There was a patch put in place that was suppose to keep it from happening, but it doesn’t seem to be foolproof. I get it myself from time to time on two of my RPi’s. I am not aware of any way to keep it from happening other than to just disable the screensaver (the black screensaver also does this but the screen stays completely black instead of dimmed). A reboot will always clear the condition.