Image stops and buffers

Hello Guys,
Just to support Cyberagent’s issue, I have the same problem since the update to the latest OSMC/Kodi.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3B, with M.2 NVME and a standard SSD connected to it via the USB ports. I did not have this problem before the upgrade, with the same setup, so I assume it is not a power issue. The picture freezes randomly or just the device becomes incredibly slow. I run mostly 720p videos, so the resolution should not be a problem. First I thought it is because I use the Plex for kodi addon, but the symptom exists when I play the videos with the OSMC/Kodi player. Thanks.

Especially since the playback via an Apple TV with the Infuse app works without image errors.

Comparing the Pi 3B with the Vero 4k is a bit odd as there are many components including on the software side different.

That is a dangerous assumption as we have seen before Upgrades can cause higher power usage
We always recommend to run external disk (even SSD) via a powered hub.

Do they also persists when you play the video from the SD Card with the SSD disconnected?

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One question please… Can Vero4K+ easily play movies (2160p+HDR) over 1TB SD card?

…and will a 4TB drive plugged into a USB 3.0 hub, self-powered, work directly over USB connected on the Vero4K+?

Your looking at it a bit of the wrong way round. The Vero can play 4K HDR and it can read video files from a SD card. But a video file can come in various complexities and sizes and SD cards come with various speeds (including painfully slow). For the most part the answer should be yes, but if you throw a 80GB rip in a no name bottom of the line SD you may not get the best results.

Yes. When you plug it in it will automatically mount itself in /media and you can access it in Kodi by navigating to root>media>

That particular setup may be more fault tolerant of errors, not sure. But you already found that the issue was random and only presented itself when the source was a particular external drive connected to you NAS. The best that I can assess from your logs is that periodcly the file being read is malformed and that is causing the playback to get stuck. I would say the device sending garbage data is the bigger concern than a player that does not cope well with the situation.

I have added a powered USB hub to the setup, but it did not solve the problem. But during the weekend I have installed the July update and it seems, it solved the issue. (but I do not want to be too fast and too optimistic). Let’s see, what happens in the next days. Usually the issue arrives after 3-4 days from the last restart.