Image viewing in 4K with 1080p UI

I got my Vero 4K+ just yesterday and I am still experimenting with it. I’ve read that it is recommended to not run the OSMC UI at 4K resolutions to avoid upscaling of 720p/1080p content due to quality issues.

So I am experimenting with running the UI at 1080p now. When watching 4K movies the resolution is being changed to 4K, which is good :+1:. However this does not work when viewing photos, they are always scaled down to 1080p (which is not nice when you have a 20MP photo). What is the proper way to show pictures in the highest possible resolution? Is there a way around running the UI in 4K for this?

Please forgive me my newbie questions, I am coming from Kodi for PC, where the UI was always running at 4K (and full RGB levels).


At the moment it will be scaled to 1080p as you’ve noticed.
I have some ideas on how to improve this in the future but this isn’t possible at the moment.



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I have a Vero 4K + on the way and wanted to know a bit more about picture viewing.

It would be great to view my picture library at 4K, but it sounds like the only way to do this is set the UI to 4K which causes some slowdown? It would be great to get a solution to this.

An additional feature which I really liked on a previous Xbox was a pan/zoom effect when running a slideshow. This was a really subtle effect where the image would simultaneously pan and zoom as it displayed, giving a feeling of depth to an otherwise static image.

Seems to be a supported transition effect

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Cool, sounds like the transition I remember from my Xbox 360. Sorry for the noob question, but can this only be set up as a ‘screensaver’, or can it be set as the standard transition whenever you select pictures to view in OSMC?

Combined with 4K picture viewing, this would be perfect.

Sorry to wake up this old thread, any ideas on how to show photo’s in higher resolution then GUI resolution.

It needs a change to the framebuffer. Sam posted some instructions somewhere on this forum.

Thanks, will look for it !!