Import add-ons from computer to rasberry pi 3

I have a lot of add-ons in my computer
and I don’t have time to download again all these add-ons to osmc (on rpi 3)
is there any way I can import my kodi addons from my computer to rpi 3???
thanks for all the answers!!!

We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

If you have the add-on zip files you can transfer them over to your pi using winscp for windows. Great program drag files from PC over to pi. Then use install from zip file in kodi.

If you want transfer addons installed from kodi installed on windows. There should be a package folder where all the zip files for the addons you have installed. Check .kodi --> addons --> package folder.

Use the Kodi official backup add on. Backup to a network Share. Install osmc, install official Kodi backup app and then Restore from the backup share file. Worked for me many moons ago.

can yo explain more,
im kinda new for kodi

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