Import Duties on Vero Shipped to Thailand

Edit: as of 2016, there are no custom fees for deliveries to any country.

I received a notice from the post office that my Vero has arrived but that customs duties will be about US$30. Apparently, the shipper declared the device to be a ‘video player’, on which there are duties, instead of a ‘computing device’, on which there are none. (I paid no duty on the two Raspberry Pis that were shipped from abroad but which were properly declared to be computers.)

I realize that not much can be done at this point and I’m still deciding whether or not to accept the shipment.

In any event the Vero shipper should be aware that seemingly minor differences in terminology can make a rather large cost difference to the customer.

Hi Buadhai,

We only declare the item as ‘Vero’ on the customs form and leave it to the importing country to determine what tariff is applicable. I have not stated the ‘function’ of the device anywhere for a couple of reasons:

  • Some countries count ‘computers’ as dual use, which can result in a higher taxation.
  • Some countries count consumer electronics as duty free completely (particularly consumer electronics).

Above all – it doesn’t matter too much how we label it. As you will see on the customs form, we merely wrote ‘Vero’ and did not specify the function of the device. It is up to the importing country to decide the HS commodity code (and as you will see classification can vary by country)

I wonder if your Pis were exempt of duty because there is a threshold for imported goods. In the UK it is around £135 for duty-applicable items.

I am sorry for the unexpected fees. You may be able to contest this with the courier who are handling things on your side.


Very interesting. And, thanks for the detailed explanation.

Now I wonder how they got from ‘Vero’ to ‘video player’? Perhaps they opened it? All I know now is that ‘video player’ is what was written on the delivery notification. I have yet to see the customs declaration.

The threshold in Thailand is 1000฿, or about US$30. The Pis were over that so were correctly exempted as computers.

Thai customs duties in English

Well a Pi really is a computer and can do a variety of things. A Vero is customised and really designed to be a video player so as far as I can see, you were correctly taxed.

How did they know the Vero was a video player? Google.


Those are totally fair and valid points, but people still, completely understandably, try to wiggle around added fees and taxes if possible :slight_smile: A Vero can be used for computing, and a rpi can be used as a video player… Exactly what the device is ment for will differ greatly from one consumer to the next. Allthough, the Vero pretty clearly is a computer customized for media playback.

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If you lived in Thailand you’d realize the futility of ever figuring this out. Had it been declared as a “computer” I would not have had to pay duty. Plus, they rarely assess VAT if there is no customs duty. So, by letting the customs officers decide themselves, by examination, Google, or whatever, I end up paying a total of 17% customs plus VAT. I understand Sam’s rationale for not declaring the purpose of the device, but in my case it was a costly choice.

Of course, I feel a bit guilty and apologize for complaining about this small amount as I sit on my balcony, gin and tonic in hand, gazing at the calming seas of the gulf of Siam.


I went to Thailand as a kid (8 years old), to Koh Samui and Bangkok. Bangkok was a little too busy, but Koh Suami was bliss (although, as a kid, the turbulent plane from Bangkok did scare me!)

A very lovely place that I will no doubt visit again one day. I’m sorry about the customs charges. In future, for Thai shipments, I’ll ensure we mark the device as a computer explicitly.


Thailand has its quirks and inconveniences, but it’s a great place to live. I retired here just over ten years ago and never looked back.

I’m finally back home after three weeks away. I’ll be able to pick up the Vero next week. I’ll try to get more info on the reason for the customs duty, but I’m not optimistic.

Finally, after starting with Crystalbuntu on an ATV1 and moving on to Raspbmc and OSMC on the Pi, I’m really looking forward to Vero. Thanks for all the years of good stuff.

Thai customs authorities did indeed open and inspect the Vero and repacked it very nicely. There was no indication on either the package or the customs form as to how it was classified for duties. My Thai is too poor to explore something like this in detail.

I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet, but I am so grateful for the international power supply. How many times have I ordered products only to find that they are delivered with a plug totally in appropriate for Thailand. My power strips are full of kludges and cable ties in attempts to overcome these failures.

The Vero power supply will fit just fine.