"Importing Guide from clients" Freezes w/ Kodi Krypton Release

Logs: http://paste.osmc.io/ebasiwagup
Device: Raspberry Pi 2
Special Setup: I am using a “shared media library” between 2 OSMC devices using the instructions here: http://www.htpcbeginner.com/kodi-mysql-setup-to-share-library/
Issue Introduced with 05 February 2017 Kodi Krypton release (https://osmc.tv/2017/02/kodi-krypton-for-osmc-is-now-available/). I did not have this issue on earlier OSMC releases


  • Keymap Editor
  • Watchdog
  • My OSMC
  • MythTV PVR Client

Issue: When the guide is updated the text “Importing guide from clients” is shown at the top of the screen with a percentage complete. This process normally completes in about 1 minute. However with the release of “05 February 2017 Kodi Krypton” update the “Importing guide” process freezes. After it freezes I am unable to enter the Guide. Upon trying to do so the entire OSMC locks up and the only way to recover is to reboot the device (via a ssh command line).

I can most easily reproduce this by rebooting device (via the command line) because a guide import is performed on start-up. After reboot the guide import process starts again and freezes on NBCSN (like before).
Update: I rebooted my OSMC while typing this and this time the guide import process completed successfully.

I see in the kodi.log that the EPG is processing NBCSN when the issue occurs:
23:46:23.674 T:1578890224 DEBUG: EPG - UpdateFromScraper - updating EPG for channel ‘NBCSN HD’ from client ‘440135507’

I attempted to recover this by clearing the PVR Channel data via Settings → PVR & Live TV Settings → General → Clear data but the problem returned at a random time later.

Not a MythTV expert but this doesn’t look good
23:45:02.060 T:1616106480 ERROR: AddOnLog: MythTV PVR Client: (CPPMyth)WSResponse: bad request (404)
I suggest you might be better helped on the Kodi Forum in the PVR Section

Thanks for the quick reply but I don’t think this is related to my problem. The error that you outlined has to do with retrieving cached thumbnails for the recordings. This error is printed (along with the following warning) when the thumbnail has not been generated yet.
00:07:01.686 T:1516237808 DEBUG: AddOnLog: MythTV PVR Client: Process: Delayed recache file: type: 1, local: /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/pvr.mythtv/cache/thumbnail/1190_1479259800_488

This is also confirmed by looking through the code here: https://github.com/janbar/pvr.mythtv/blob/master/src/fileOps.cpp

And by the developer’s response on a forum here: http://grateless4.rssing.com/browser.php?indx=3665738&item=29005

Plus I as able to get the AddOnLog Error logs to disappear by disabling “Enable recording fanart/thumbnails” in the MythTV PVR Client - Settings.

I know this is a pretty old thread, but just in case someone else finds it and wants an possible solution to this problem.

I’ve just installed Kodi Leia and have experienced the same problem mentioned in the original message and I’ve just found a solution to it.

If you go into Settings / PVR & Live TV / General / Channel Manager check if you have any channels that are marked as not Active. On those channels ensure that you have also marked the “Activate guide” flag to false. I found that when I did that for the inactive channels the problem went away.

Hope this helps someone else.