Impossible to download the installer of the disk image


I’m trying to download the installer or the image disk to install OSMC but I got an 503 error(see

Could anyone help me ?

Thank you,


@sam_nazarko The server throws a 503 for the Windows one mentioned by @ced236 , and the Apple one as well.


@sam_nazarko it 503s too on your kodi repo stopping installation of any addons

We’re looking into the issue now.

thanks @ActionA

See OSMC Status - Downloads are unavailable.

This should now be resolved.
Annoyingly this happened just as I went for a quick nap to catch up on sleep.

I will see how we can introduce failover in the near future.


Ok ok.

Thank you for your quick reactions.


We’ve worked out a way to automatically mitigate this situation if it arises again and will implement this over the weekend.