Improve Backup/Restore

So I thought maybe its time for an update. Then my Raspberry crashed after the update, maybe during, don’t know, wasn’t watching. And I mean: crashed. Prompt. Made a new SD with a fresh installation of OSMC (latest version, yeah!). Had an older backup (I know, I know). The restore process comes with a lot of invisibel activiy, so you have no idea if it is responding or you did something wrong. It appears you just have to wait.
Can this proces maybe enhanced with some more messages, like: wait while i get your backupfile and open it. Makes it so much less stressfull. The fact that you have to start over after a destructive update is stressful enough. Just a thought.

There is a backup add-on in Kodi’s repository that does show progress but when I tested it for the first time yesterday the restore was not fully complete. I believe in order to get the progress indicator you want inside Kodi this comes with the limitations of what you can touch from inside Kodi. When I tested it before the OSMC restore worked extremely well which I assume is partially due to it transferring via terminal outside of Kodi. Restore times should be relatively quick though as long as your not restoring thumbnails or profiles.

Thanks for your reply. All I wanted was a message about what it is doing, no need for a progressbar. Now you click ‘restore’ and nothing seems to happen.