Improved Exit in the Shut-down Menu

I would like to make a feature request.

Add gpm to the system “sudo apt-get gpm” and reprogram the
Exit item in Kodi - “Confluence Skin” to go to a ncurses screen
that gives these options.

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

The Mouse can be used to click on any one of these.
The last item shows only if startx is installed.

Some explanation of each.

Clicking “BACK TO KODI” restarts the media center.

Clicking “UPDATE ALL” does the equivalent of
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade
sudo shutdown -r now

Clicking “COMMAND LINE” drops you on a command line login.

Clicking " AUTO LOGIN - STARTX " automatically logs you in
as user osmc in X windows.

            Or optionally there could be a screen added to the OSMC settings to
            specify the AUTO LOGIN user and password.

If this is all done properly a user with no keyboard, with a mouse only could go from
the media centre to X-windows where they could start a virtual keyboard app.

Note Two keyboard apps that work in OSMC+ldxe are matchbox and xvkbd.

What will people do that only have a remote connected?

Pull requests welcome, but there are much more pressing issues that our limited dev team have their hands full with before we could even begin to consider including such a function for such a limited use-case.

People with only a remote connected would not benefit, but would not be any worse off then they are now. However if someone were to write drivers for linux to allow gpm and X to see the remote as a mouse then people with supported remotes would equally benefit.

Why would that even have to be an external program? Just write a little addon, that gives you such functionality in kodi itself.

Reason is that linux uses X while KODI runs using a more efficient but less compatible system. If you want to run an Office program or game or a better browser then is available in KODI you might want to use linux for that feature, Right now for example the KODI youtube app is broken so I have to go to linux for youtube. Youtube runs poorly in linux it used to
run better in KODI but now does not work at all. So I use linux (Iceweasel) for youtube often selecting play-on-TV to send the video directly to my Blueray players Youtube App.