Improved forked-daapd (itunes server)

I just installed and tested “ejurgensens” improved version of forked-daapd with mpd support [Version 24.0] ( owntone server (iTunes server) - Raspberry Pi Forums ).

in genreal things seem to work quite well already.
however i am missing some things compared to the old forked-daapd of “jasonmc” [Version-19.00] ( GitHub - jasonmc/forked-daapd: A re-write of the firefly media server (mt-daapd). It's released under GPLv2+. Please note that this git repository is a mirror of the official one at git:// ) that is also available in the jessie repository.

  1. The old version somehow integrated automatically with kodi (i dont know exactly how), so i could start and stop songs forked-daapd played with my kodi remote. also i saw the songs forked-daapd played in the kodi.

  2. Performance was better, especially artwork loading and buffering times (daapd is streaming the files from a remote host).

  3. Controlling forked-daapd with IOS remote was more reliable.

maybe anybody has some advice on how to achieve those things with the new, still being maintained version?
my dream would be to have this app in the osmc app store.

cheers, bendsch