In Praise Of - Vero 4k+ as a Roon Endpoint

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say that yesterday I set up my Vero 4k+ as a Roon Endpoint and am absolutely delighted with the results. The Vero must be the world’s most inexpensive Roon compatible kit out there and produces a fantastic user experience. The fact that it works in the background within OSMC / Kodi is even better as has not changed the Kodi experience that the rest of the family are used to using.

I decided to write this post because others out there may be looking for ways to either start fresh with Roon or leverage kit they already have to take advantage of these capabilities. There is already some helpful information buried inside these forums but thought I would attempt to pull it all together here for easy reference.

All of my music is on a Synology NAS categorised by Artist - Album folder structure and I did not make any changes to that.

For a Roon Core I assembled a Roon ROCK using an Intel NUC i3BEH with 4gb RAM and a 128GB M2.SSD. The install guide here worked perfectly on a step by step basis:

Roon Core ROCK Install Guide

To turn Vero into a Roon endpoint I used Putty to SSH into the Vero 4k+ and followed the instructions here after downloading the Easy Install Script for "Roon Bridge (armv7hf)

Roon Linux Install Guide

Because I’m a bit of a command line novice I hit on a couple of issues at his point. One was that the Vero needs to have libzip2 installed which was relatively straightforward to overcome (although I now can’t find the link to the syntax I used!). The other was that the script (.sh file) downloaded from the Roon website needed executing with priveleges to work. These are both relatively easy to solve though with some googling!

At this point you can run another script in the new Roon folder, to verify the install is working properly on the Vero 4k+.

Finally, I installed Roon on my main desktop PC. Used it to ensure that the Vero endpoint (auto detected) was set up correctly (5.1 speakers etc) and chose the first audio device “AML M8AUDIO” as the playback. This is where I also entered my Tidal subscription info etc.

Using the Roon remote app on my iPad I now have access to my full NAS music library in a way which is beautifully catalogued, fully integrated with TIDAL and the ability to play Hi-Res music, some of it multichannel, some of it MQA, in a very sleek and easy manner.

I already absolutely loved my Vero 4k and OSMC, now I love them even more!