Include firmware-b43-installer on Apple TV 1st Gen/How to fix internal Wi-Fi on Apple TV


Please include if possible the firmware-b43-installer package on the next version of OSMC for ATV, current documentation on the web is a mess and doesn’t really help other than some almost decade-old articles on how to install deprecated blobs

Even if the Broadcom Crystal HD card is recommended I still think it’s of the user’s interest to have Wi-Fi working on a stock device

Users with an existing installation can install the proper non-free firmwares and modules to the system by running

apt-get install firmware-b43-installer

Then rebooting the system Wi-Fi should work, making sure that the b43 driver is then enabled

It’s already included in the latest update. You would have downloaded an older image. We haven’t produced images for the April update for AppleTV yet.

OSMC support for AppleTV will end soon.


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That’s a shame, I’ve just bought an ATV due to OSMC, but I’m really glad for all the support you have been giving, I’d like to help to keep supporting it if possible

There are plenty of other devices that run OSMC. Raspberry Pi is cheap and cheerful.

I’m not killing it just yet, but Kodi v18 is not possible. This is simply because the hardware is too old.


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