Include specific PVR addon

since some time I’m a happy user of OSMC. I’m using own PVR client for specific local provider. I want to share this addon with all the community… I made PR for including it directly into kodi’s repo-binary-addons -> Add addon, attempt#2 by palinek · Pull Request #110 · xbmc/repo-binary-addons · GitHub, but it is somehow out of interest right now.

I realized, that OSMC includes some of not yet merged features -> can the PR be incorporated into the OSMC Leia nighties? (so the addon is directly included)


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Hey there, sorry that an osmc developer has not replied to you and mines still pending but i don’t really think osmc would want PR be incorporated sadly. They are always tech savy or always planning a list of ideas on what they think and stuff especially the skin design team.

One thing i recommend on what you can do is seeing if you could add your own PVR client on the kodi forums sense osmc is a small community and they may add it to the official kodi repository someday.

Hi @Goldenfreddy1937 ,
this thread/post is heavily outdated and in the meantime the PVR addon is already part of official Kodi binary addons.

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