Incomplete kernel crypto modules


As another user already said, the kernel is missing some crypto modules so we currently can’t mount luks encrypted disks, at least on the rbp2 version.
(Kernel crypto modules missing)

Looking through the current kernelconfig I saw that you did in fact add the necessary cipher modules but it seems you did not add the user api to them. If you could add that to the next build I, and I’m sure some others as well, would be very grateful.

Enabling the following in “rbp2-000-add-kernel-config.patch” resulted in the all necessary modules being built:


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Please PR these changes for (if appropriate) RBP1/RBP2 and I will get it included.

Having never really used git before, and after looking at a few tutorials on pull requests, I have to say that seems like a LOT of work for just 3 lines of code. Any way to do this without getting intimate with git? :slight_smile:

EDIT: scratch that, have to get into it sooner or later anyway