Incorrect Date and Time

I am having issue with the Date/Time= showing Wednesday December 31st 1969 / 7:02 pm. I am hooked up through a Ethernet cable and I am connected to the internet as the weather and city is correct.
Just logging onto the raspberry pi through OSMC.
Yes/ power on the raspberry pi and wait for it to load and it shows the wrong date and time on the left.
Device= Raspberry Pi 2.
Peripherals= HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, keyboard, 5V, 2.5 A, SD card.
This is started last week after an update, I am running OSMC 14.1.

If you updated last week then you should be on Kodi 15.2 not 14.1

Try changing your DNS to

Otherwise, provide logs.

You might also want to try running:
sudo ntpdate -u
It updates the date/time from the ntp servers using ports other than 123. That will patch the issue for the time being, but you still have to find out why OSMC isn’t updating time on its own.

I doubt that this is update related, because no changes have been made to ntpd or http-time services in the last few months.

Please upload the system journal using the My OSMC log uploader so we can have a look.