Increase Cache Rpi 2


I am a noob. :smile:

I need to increase my cache because I get cache fill before something something when I am playing / streaming videos.

I need to know:

  1. Which file and how to make changes to it?

  2. Exact changes so I dont screw up any other settings

  3. How do I access the said file?

Should i put the SD card in my computer and access it via my computer or how exactly.

Help Please

Rpi 2

Read that, but it still doesnt answer my questions. I dont know where the file is located in OSMC and I how I can access it. Thanks

Should I put the SD card in my computer and use this path:



It should be in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata the file probably doesn’t exist and needs to be created. If you have a Linux pc then you could mount the card nd create/edit the file, with a Windows pc you will need to SSH into the Pi

Thanks dude will try and create and post settings for you to check. Thanks

I created and pasted these settings into advancedsetting file:


buffermode 1 buffermode
cachemembuffersize 0 cachemembuffersize
readbufferfactor 4.0 readbufferfactor

What do you think or should i ncrease my cachemembuffersize to 40 mb or 60mb? I have a Pi 2

Not sure, try it and see

Do I need to reboot for settings to take effect?


Note: the message “cache filled before reaching desired amount” doesn’t mean the cache is too small. It means the download speed is not sufficient.

This may be due to your internet speed, or the speed of the server that hosts the file.

From reading that wiki they recommended these settings for a 1GB of RAM device. The RPi2 fits that description, is there any negative to creating this advancedsettings file over the default 20MB cache and settings?

buffermode 1 /buffermode
cachemembuffersize 157286400 /cachemembuffersize
readbufferfactor 20 /readbufferfactor

It’s probably okay, but if your problem is that speed between server and your Pi is less than the video bitrate, then no amount of cache size will fix the problem.

But feel free to try it. If kodi crashes when streaming check “dmesg” log which may say kodi was terminated due to out-of-memory condition. If that happens, you have gone too far, but I suspect ~150M will be fine on Pi2 (as long as you are not running transmission+sabnzb+sickbeard etc in the background).

Hi Guys,

Update : get the error on and off while streaming stuff

Video is also playing excellent i.e. 1080p content is streaming good without that error or whatever that cache fills means to the techies. Loving OSMC

ABout to open another topic, Transmission speeds fall when downloading to external USB (NTFS)

There should be an option in the osmc settings to turn off this stupid notification. phulllllllllllleassseeeeeeeeeee