Increase font size while viewing a video?

Hi there,
I use Vero 4k for years, to read contents from my NAS on my TV. I really appreciate it.
However, there is a point I cannot solve. I have some vision isues, not compensated for by glasses or contact lenses. In a word, I have difficulties to read the total time of a video, or the remaining time, and the cursor showing the position in the whole video, because it’s displayed in too small characters for me.
I would like to know if is there a way to increase the font size of these elements, and display bigger characters while viewing a video?
I’have searched in the differents menus, and in internet, I didn’t find anything.
Please let me know if there is a solution?
Thank you

In any skin folder there is a folder called XML and in there a file called Font.xml. You can increase the font sizes there, but it’s system wide, and it’s likely things will start to look bad, as most skins are designed around the font sizes provided.

Is there a way to see these skins, without applying them one by one? Maybe one of them could match my wish without modifying the xml file.

Hey there,

Unfortunately, the Kodi skin engine doesn’t give us skinners handy tools to implement easily adjustable font sizes - they have to be hard coded one by one, adjusting each control that contains text for each of the font sizes one wants to implement. During work on visibility improvements for our skin, I did look into this, but there was no feasibly way of achieving this… I’m very sorry!

Other skins you’ll only be able to look at properly when installing them on your Kodi setup and switching through them, I’m afraid. I’m not aware of any nice gallery of some sorts to look at main windows like full-screen playback of Kodi skins available.

Ok, thank you.
I’ll continue to strain my eyes to try and make out what’s written :slight_smile:

You can use a Kodi remote app on a mobile phone or tablet or Kodi’s web interface on a PC if you happen to have another device you keep with you while you watch TV. You may find one of them a little bit easier to navigate or get playback info from.

Sadly, not. I only use the remote controller.