Increase step volume for CEC

I would like to increase the step size for the CEC volume up/down when using a wireless keyboard or remote.

Pressing F10 to increase the volume does so by 1 step, which is 0.5dB in my case for my amplifier. It takes forever to increase or reduce volume.

I’ve created a custom keyboard.xml file, that calls a script to invoke “cec-client”, but this is way to slow. I guess because of the overhead involved in creating the shell.

Python script called by keymap RunScript:

import os
os.system(‘sudo echo voldown | cec-client -s -d 1’)

Also running:

sudo echo voldown | cec-client -s -d 1

directly from the command line via putty takes 1-2 seconds per execution. Which is already way to slow to be usable.

It is also a different request than this one: Volume step size setting

That solution makes the OSMC/KODI volume go up or down quicker.

Note: it is not possible to map multiple “volumeup” actions to a key in the keyboard.xml file, since only 1 action is allowed per key.

Any ideas anyone?