Increase Video Buffer for Mediathek addon streaming from Internet?

Hi, when testing a stream from a mediathek addon, I had occasionally a freeze with rebuffering. Most likely this was due to my slow internet connection (max. 3,5 MBit).
I’ve read about video buffer changes via advancedsettings.xml - does this apply also to internet streams?

It’s all explained in some detail here.

Thanks, looks good. I thought all this buffer tweaking was just for movies.
I’ll give it a try.
Any suggestions especially for the Vero 4K?

Not all streaming services are alike. some use buffering and a bigger memorysize can be very helpful but some do not (bbc iplayer does not use the buffer, “orf tvthek” does - as far as I remember the german mediatheks use the buffer)

and as stated above <memorysize>524880000</memorysize> won’t hurt anyway!