Increase widget item limit for OSMC skin

I’m using the OSMC skin (v18.5.0) and it’s by far my favourite, but there’s one gripe I have with it that I can’t seem to resolve: widgets only show 5 items at a time, and no more than that. I’ve only recently started playing around with the skin however, so it’s possible I’m missing something.

Setting the item limit in the widget options doesn’t seem to do anything, whether it’s set to none, or any other value. Is this a limitation of the skin? If so, is there a way around this? I’ve already dug into the skin xml files a bit trying to figure out if there’s some hardcoded limit in there, but no luck.

Running OSMC 2020.1-1 on an rpi 3b+.
Thanks in advance.

The item limit refers to the amount of items available to that widget in total, not only the visible items. There’s no trivial way of changing how many items are shown on screen at a time - that part is hard coded into the skin.

Thanks for the reply.

After fiddling around a bit more, I’ve realized the widgets are actually capable of displaying more than five items, it’s just that the filter on each widget just so happened to only find five movies. I had three widgets set up:

  • Recently added, of which there were 5 movies
  • Unwatched, which happened to overlap entirely with recently added, so also only had 5 movies
  • Random, which I incorrectly assumed would show my entire library, not just unwatched movies in a random order. Hence, it also only showed 5 movies.

Adding more movies made me realize the widgets can show more than five items, and also made me realize my false assumptions regarding the default Random widget. I was able to create a playlist that contains my entire library in a random order, and have used that as a widget instead.

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